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Revive Your Home's Exterior

Trust our company for exceptional house-washing services. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch solutions for your home’s exterior. At the heart of our house-washing business is a dedication to enhancing the beauty of your home and preserving its structural integrity. We understand the impact of Australia’s harsh climate on your property, and our goal is to counteract these effects to prolong the life of your home.

Leveraging our in-depth industry knowledge in house washing and a team of highly-trained professionals, we employ innovative equipment and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions. Whether it’s mould, mildew, stubborn dirt, or grime, we effectively eliminate these exterior nuisances, restoring the lustre and appeal of your home.


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Beyond our exceptional house washing service, we are Brisbane’s ultimate exterior cleaning specialists. We have broadened our expertise to include various pressure cleaning services tailored to meet the unique requirements of different environments and surfaces. Our commitment is to provide a service that revitalises your space, making it clean but also healthy and inviting.


Give Your Home a Fresh New Look

with our Professional Exterior House Washing Service

We always use high-pressure cleaners on the roofs of the building you are living in. The washing up of the house is done with great effort. We use a unique cleanser with soft bristles and a gentle soapy cloth for gentle cleaning on walls.

What We Do

Premium House Washing Services

House Washing

External House Washing

Your home's exterior is constantly exposed to the elements, accumulating dust, dirt, and grime. We engage in end-to-end external house-washing services. We use a soft, low-pressure system that won't cause damage and will leave your home looking fresh and new. We use high-quality external house washing techniques to revitalise your home's outer surfaces, restoring their original beauty and charm. Soft washing is the gentlest yet most effective method of cleaning your exterior.

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Commercial Pressure Cleaning

The exterior of your commercial property speaks volumes about your business. From offices and retail stores to restaurants, we offer comprehensive commercial pressure cleaning services that leave your business premises clean, professional, and inviting.

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School High-Pressure Cleaning

Schools are bustling activity centres, making cleanliness a top priority. With our high-pressure cleaning service, we help maintain school buildings and grounds in top-notch condition, creating a safe and conducive learning environment.

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Industrial Pressure Cleaning

Many industrial facilities often encounter tough grime and dirt that can be difficult to handle. But with our industrial pressure cleaning service, no grime is too stubborn. We follow stringent safety standards while thoroughly cleaning your warehouses, factories, and other industrial spaces.

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Driveway Pressure Cleaning

A well-maintained driveway significantly boosts your home's curb appeal. We use powerful high-pressure cleaning methods to remove tough stains and discolouration, leaving your driveway spotless.

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Roof Cleaning Brisbane

Are there signs of moss, lichen, black streaks, dirt, and grime build-up on your roof? These issues can cause cracks and leaks, leading to poor roof performance. Don't worry; Our company is here to help you with roof cleaning. We use a special nozzle in roof cleaning for rinsing. We are Brisbane's top-rated and most trusted professional roof cleaners, committed to providing excellent roof maintenance services.

Discover How We Transform Brisbane Homes Every Day

We pride ourselves on offering the most reliable and effective pressure cleaning Brisbane has to offer. Our team’s expertise, cutting-edge equipment, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions ensure we always deliver outstanding results.


Our customer-centric approach ensures we listen to your needs, develop a personalised cleaning plan, and execute the job flawlessly. This tailored approach allows us to cater to homes, businesses, and industrial facilities, ensuring everyone can benefit from our superior cleaning services.


Our passion for work extends to maintaining transparent, open communication with our clients. We comprehensively explain our services and procedures, ensuring you understand what we’re doing and why. This transparency and dedication to your satisfaction have earned us a reputation as Brisbane’s trusted, go-to exterior cleaning service provider.

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How We Work

Our House Washing Process Explained

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Comprehensive Inspection

Before we begin, we thoroughly inspect your home’s exterior. It helps us identify the areas with the most grime and build-up and enables us to create a bespoke cleaning plan for your property.

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Tailored Approach

Based on our inspection, we tailor our house washing process according to your home’s unique needs. It involves determining the right amount of pressure and selecting the most effective, eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

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Cleaning Process

Here comes the magic. Armed with high-grade equipment and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions, we start the cleaning process. We tackle each surface with precision and care, ensuring that stubborn dirt, mould, and mildew don’t stand a chance.

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Rejuvenation and Enhancement

Our house washing service isn’t just about cleaning; it’s about rejuvenating your home, enhancing its charm and appeal. We reveal a cleaner, brighter exterior beneath the grime, making your house look as fresh as a new day.

Trust our house washing specialists in Brisbane for a process that prioritises your home’s unique needs. We promise a result that doesn’t just clean but truly transforms your property.

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We refrain from utilising high pressure on paintwork and walls since it can be too abrasive.

We take great care in protecting the walls and paintwork of your home. We strongly advise against high-pressure cleaners on these surfaces as they can cause extensive damage. Our team only employs these cleaners on hard surfaces such as roofs and cement, ensuring your property remains pristine.

House Washing

Soft Washing Techniques

In house washing, we use a gentle yet thorough approach in house washing method. Our specialised cleaning solution and a soft broom are used in a soft wash technique, ensuring a clean and delicate finish for your home's walls and paintwork. Hard work is the key to achieving outstanding results.

Our cleaning solution is formulated to clean and prevent mildew growth in the future. Our soft wash solutions effectively break down carbon-based substances that accumulate over time on and around your property, eliminating anything that might cause dampness, dirt, and mould.

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Ready for a Brighter, Cleaner Home?

Your home is not just a place to live; it reflects your personality. A clean, well-maintained home increases your property value, enhances curb appeal, and offers a welcoming environment for your family and visitors.

Join the many satisfied homeowners across Brisbane who have transformed their properties with our professional washing services. Whether you want to prepare your home for sale, spruce it up for an event, or enjoy a cleaner, brighter home, we are here to help.

Get in touch with us today for a quote. Our friendly, skilled team is ready to answer your queries, discuss your needs, and schedule your service. With our House Washing service in Brisbane, you’re one step away from experiencing the finest, most reliable house washing and pressure cleaning Brisbane offers.

Happy Clients

Our Testimonials

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Here are just a few words from some of our satisfied clients:

"Your brisbane house washing service transformed our house exterior. It's never looked so good! The team was professional, friendly, and paid attention to every detail."
New Farm
"Fantastic work on our office building. It's now the cleanest one on the block! Will hire your services again."
simon cupboard
Commercial Property Manager,
Brisbane CBD
"We hire Brisbane House Washing for our school's regular maintenance. They're reliable, thorough, and understanding of our specific needs."
margaret carpet
School Administrator,
Highgate Hill

Your Questions Answered!

In most cases, you should never use a domestic pressure washer to wash your house exteriors. These pressure washers are typically high-pressure washers, which can be too rough for different parts of your house. High-pressure cleaning can peel off paint or damage the materials underneath, which could introduce rotting, mould and other problems.

Experts recommend removing dust from exterior walls every six months or twice annually. These frequencies depend on many things, including the materials for making the external components and your neighbourhood climate.

Soft Wash can be helpful to clean weatherboard, house stains and grime in bathrooms. Dirt holds onto wood cradling, under joins, under eaves, guttering and windows. Soft Wash is suitable on delicate surfaces and usually produces smoother results.

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